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Good news: some industries still hiring


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Jobless numbers are the highest levels in decades and there's been little good news for people who find themselves without work. But, believe it or not, there is still such a thing as a growth industry. It's just a matter of knowing which doors you need to get a foot into.

"The Takeaway" talks to Marci Alboher, writer of the Working the New Economy blog on Yahoo!'s Shine.

Alboher lists the industries currently hiring: "According to a recent survey by the Lucas Group, it's accounting and finance, manufacturing, advertising and marketing -- and I did see a lot in advertising and marketing oddly ... and even public relations I saw a lot. Medical -- all health-related industries and especially anything that has to do with aging."

If you're looking for jobs that are currently out there, Alboher suggests getting involved with professional associations, and taking advantage of online networking groups on social media sites like LinkedIn -- she believes making friends in your field is crucial, and taking advantage of those connections to find jobs: "In this era there is no shame to be looking, even people who have jobs are looking."

Another piece of advice Alboher has for job seekers: "I'm urging people to read the news -- see what's going on. When you see something in the headlines ... you can look beneath it ... I was thinking today ... I would be working for one of those hand sanitizer manufacturers with this swine flu going on."

As for where Alboher gets her lists of employers who are hiring: "What I do when I'm looking for stories like this is I'm all over the social networks -- Twitter and Facebook -- I actually put out requests and ... I was bombarded by over 100 emails over the course of two days of people telling me about their industry ... expanding ... I talked to a nonprofit that was hiring, and the reason they were hiring is because volunteerism is up right now, and they needed a volunteer coordinator."

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