Geo Quiz and Answer

Our Geo Quiz today features a superstar singer and future diplomat.

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Listen to the Story.

That's Charles Aznavour at the height of his musical career. The so-called 'French Sinatra' is now 84 years old. But he's still striking out in new directions.

His latest role 'ambassador'. But he won't be representing France.

Aznavour was born in Paris but both his parents were born in Armenia. The singer was officially granted Armenian citizenship in December.

Now Aznavour says he's been asked to become Armenia's ambassador to the country where he lives.

And that's the place we want you to name.

OK, some clues:

Number one: the country in question doesn't have states - it has cantons.

Number two: this would be a really good location for a skiing vacation.

Number three: if you ever want to take up the alpine horn, this country is probably the place to do it.

Got it?

If not, think clocks, think cheese... think neutrality!

The answer, and the country where aspiring ambassador Charles Aznavour lives, is Switzerland.