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A new report out this week claims that these cities are looking pretty good job-wise, despite the economy, and are not projecting the job losses that New York City and Chicago expect. For a closer look at these numbers, "The Takeaway" talks to Demetra Nightingale, a professor of public policy at Johns Hopkins University.

Cities like Ithaca, New York; Fairbanks, Alaska and St. George, Utah are also places where the job market isn't looking too bad. Nightengale cites the smaller labor markets in these cities as a reason for their lower job loss, and "there are a few other cities where the economies are ... still growing despite the very widespread recession ... Laredo and in many Texas communities, and also in Grand Junction, Colorado."

Nightingale also talks about the sectors where there is still growth: "One of the areas that is continuing to grow in jobs may be the energy sector, and so that may be one factor that cuts across these communities.

"The other growth area ... is healthcare, which even during the recession there are growing demand for healthcare occupations."

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