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Today's Geo Quiz takes us to Mumbai, India.

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Mumbai was the target of terrorist attacks almost two months ago. It was a nightmare, from which the city is still recovering.

But the people of Mumbai want outsiders to know that their city is open for business once again. This week, one of the hotels devastated in the attacks, The Taj Mahal, took out a full page ad in the New York Times.

It said "Welcome Home!"

Tourists ARE returning to Mumbai. We'll hear more about that in a few minutes. First -- we want you to name one of Mumbai's biggest tourist attractions.

It's a huge stone and concrete arch that presides over the harbor in South Mumbai. It's just steps from the Taj, in fact. And it was built in 1911 to honor Britain's king and queen on a visit to India.

What's the massive arch called?

The answer to today's Geo Quiz can be found in Mumbai, India. The city is trying to get on with its life -- almost two months since the terrorist attacks there.

Tourists are actually returning to see the sights -- including the one we asked you to name. It's the massive stone and concrete arch that dominates Mumbai's harbor.

The answer is the "Gateway to India." Devanshi Mody is a travel writer in Mumbai. And she says the city is definitely back in business.

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