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headline description Afghanistan:
Video: An accordion journey

How Johnny Cash plays in Afghanistan.

headline description Afghanistan:
Kabul knows who’s in charge

And the Afghans preferred Obama

headline description Pakistan:
Framing Obama (painting him too)

A portrait of a complex, troubled and really (really) important relationship

headline description India:
Decoding a diplomatic puzzle

The key? Pakistan

headline description India:
Call center calling

Listening to lonely Americans

headline description Indonesia:
Video: Barack who?

Indonesians muse on former resident

headline description China:
Video: A cab ride in Beijing

What do they think of Obama? It depends on their age

headline description Japan:
Mixed reaction

Obama City celebrates, the rest, not so much

headline description South Korea:
Still grateful, but…

Seoul takes a realistic view

headline description Taiwan:
No, Bangkok is not here

But it could be the biggest flashpoint for Obama

headline description Thailand:
Yes, Bangkok is here

And the Thais revere the U.S. "Luk Krung"

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