GlobalPost is proud to offer this special report, "… For Which It Stands." From every corner of the world, more than 40 GlobalPost correspondents and columnists have contributed nearly 50 stories built around a single question: What does the idea of America mean to the world? This guide will help you navigate the series, which begins with our launch and runs through President Barack Obama's swearing in as president — an event billed as the first global inauguration. We will add to the series in the first 100 days of the Obama presidency, what he has called a "chance to reboot America's image around the world." During this time, we want to know what you think America means to the world, and also what the world means to America. To post commments register here. To submit your own brief essay to share on the site send an e-mail to editors @


headline description Brazil:
What does it mean to be black?

There are no easy answers in Brazil

headline description Canada:
Sleeping with an elephant

Canada endures the twitches and snorts

headline description Mexico:
Do bigger fences make better neighbors?

Mexico peers wearily, knows the U.S. well

headline description Venezuela:
Drinking in Obama

On coffee, Chavez and naivete

headline description Bolivia:
The Obama-Morales connection

It might only be skin deep

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