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headline description Germany:
The Berlin stage

Does it matter like it did for Kennedy and Reagan?

headline description Turkey:
What future?

In Turkey it’s all about the past

headline description United Kingdom:
Reuniting after Gitmo

A guard and a prisoner talk it out

headline description Russia:
The future of "partial cooperation"

Forget Obama, look at NATO and the Ukraine.

headline description Ukraine:
Yet another test

Looking warily east and hopefully west

headline description European Union:
Under the weight of an inferiority complex

Can EU leaders take advantage of Obamamania in spite of themselves?

headline description France:
Why it hasn’t happened here

Obama´s election took race out of the closet

headline description Ireland:
Relieved and wary

How do you spell "change" in Gaelic? "O´Bama "

headline description Poland:
Time for a break?

A key ally reassesses its ties to Washington

headline description United Kingdom:
Still special?

From wars to economic crisis, the U.S. and Britain have some healing to do.

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