Palestinian doctors say at least 315 Palestinians have been killed since Saturday and more than one thousand have been wounded. "The World" anchor Katy Clark speaks with "New York Times" correspondent Taghreed El-Khodary in Gaza.

El-Khodary describes the current condition in Gaza: "I'm in Gaza City and it's horror, it's fear ... this will be the third night, and it's so scary ... the Israelis hit continuously many of the security compounds that are ... in the most densely populated areas in Gaza City ... in the North, in the South.

"The thing is, the Hamas has been in control now for a year and a half, so they've been spread over the entire Gaza strip ... and you never know who is wanted."

El-Khodary says there is no movement for civilians: "Gaza is jammed. You cannot leave Gaza as a reporter, or as a human rights activist -- as long as you're a civilian, you cannot leave this jail.

"Everybody is remaining inside their homes with their families, and they get a few hours of electricity, but people are living in darkness."

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