(The fighting we're seeing has come after a six month ceasefire. Did that ceasefire accomplish anything?) it did give a period of quiet. Speaking to people on both sides, people were delighted that there was a slowdown in violence. It didn't achieve what it intended to, which is room for negotiations and discussions, so neither side is satisfied, but neither side wanted to go back t violence. (Hamas said these rockets are retaliation after Israel killed three Hamas members. What is Israel saying?) Israel is saying that it's an intolerable situation for there to be rockets raining down on their citizens. Israel's Foreign Minister was in Egypt today to discuss coming up with another ceasefire, but she also said enough is enough. (How are the Israelis going to change the situation if they haven't been able to yet?) Residents in southern Israel feel trapped, they don't know how to stop the rockets from coming. I talked to one resident today and she said she feels sympathy for Palestinians because of their hardship, but she still doesn't know what to do. (What is it like for the Israelis to be under these attacks?) Ashkelon is a city in southern Israel and has been in increasing numbers of attacks. People in these towns say they live in a constant state of uncertainty. (So what's life like in Gaza?) it's very hard and uncertain. People are still struggling daily to get the things they need to get by.

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