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A Christmas feast in Africa

(How would you be spending Christmas if you were in Kenya?) We would be standing around the meat. (Meaning over the fire?) Yes because it'd be outside. They'd be making goat. (What is the right way?) I like my goat rare, it has to be cooked over charcoal. I like blood sausage and all the ritual dishes, head soup. Other delicacies are the ribs and legs, and all that. (How has the food changed since you were born?) What's happened is the 60s and 70s people tried to run away from traditional food, and now there's been a revival of traditional food. You find traditional foods coming back into supermarkets. (What happened?) Several things: a disillusionment with the West, I think health has been a big question�there's been an epidemic of diabetes in Kenya. (So give us a specific example.) Chips, burgers, pizza, all those things.

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