Conflict & Justice

Pirates update

A battle raged between the ships for four hours and eventually the Chinese crew fought off the attackers and the Chinese ship made it to safer waters. The Captain said he first noticed some small speedboats approaching his vessel and the visitors were clearly not friendly: they opened fire and wanted us to stop. Because our ship is so big, we tried to turn away from them. They hooked onto our ship and climbed up. Seven pirates got on our ship and two remained on their boats. When we got to our living quarter, we could lock ourselves in. we made Molotov cocktails which kept them at bay for a while. They succeeded in coming up to our living quarters then, or near to it. they came to the door but the door was very thick. They were shooting at us to open the door. But then we climbed further up and used everything to shoot at them, even high-powered water cannons. Ultimately the captain says the pirates gave up.

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