For today's Geo Quiz -- a Slavonic dance. Czech composer Antonin Dvorak composed his Slavonic Dances back in 1878. Dvorak probably didn't imagine his "dances" would be so popular a century later, performed by orchestras world-wide. Nor could he know that his work would be part of a "digital concert hall." That's a new concept being rolled out by a world-famous symphonic orchestra. And for our quiz today, we're looking for the European city that's home to this orchestra. It's set to play the Slavonic Dance in G minor -- on January 6th --- in its new digital concert hall. For now -- all you have to do is name the city -- which is located where the Rivers Spree and Havel join up... Anywhere. Anytime. That's how one of the world's great philharmonic orchestras is describing its new venture. It's launching what it calls a digital concert hall. Berlin PhilharmonicBerlin Philharmonic And for our Geo Quiz --- we were looking for the European city that's home to this orchestra with the new digital digs. Olaf Maninger is the orchestra's solo cellist -- Olaf -- what's the answer to our Geo Quiz? The city of Berlin -- home to the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

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