(De La Salle Academy received the compensation given to the family of one passenger who was taught by the now principal of BC. BC says the man benefited from the school's willingness to challenge segregation forty years ago.) We wanted to give the middle school boys a strong academic workout but also challenge segregation. (What do you remember about him?) A bundle of talent, inquisitive, bright, always asking questions. (Do you remember find out that he was on that flight?) I was reading about the bombing and I was reading the list of names and then his name leapt out at me. I thought, there aren't too many people with his name, so I contacted mom and she was devastated. He was an only child. She pushed him and was the driving force behind him. (She said you were also a driving force in his life. Can you explain how your school got some of this money?) When a bunch of his friends from Harvard business school went to the mother, she referred them to me. (Do you ever give a thought to the fact that there are young men who are benefitting from this horrific act of terrorism years ago?) Yes, I think about this all the time.

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