"The Tale of Despereaux" is being released as an animated film this weekend. Across the country, parents and children will sit in darkened theaters to watch a movie about a little mouse with gigantic ears, who lives in a castle and fancies himself a knight. Despereaux Tilling is a bookworm who doesn't fit in with his fellow mice, and whose robust sense of honor propels him on a quest to save a human princess.

The tale of Despereaux is Kate DiCamillo's third novel for children, and the second one adapted for the big screen. DiCamillo has written four novels in all, plus a series of illustrated chapter books, all of them featuring at least one animal: "So I've got dogs, tigers, mice, rabbits, chickens, pigs, so far."

DiCamillo says the animal theme is not by design: "As a matter of act, I've tried my best to write a book that doesn't have an animal in it, and I can't seem to do it. The next novel has an elephant in it. So, things just keep escalating.

"I think [for] children and adults ... animals bypass a lot of barriers that you have as a reader, and go directly to the heart."

DiCamillo tells Bob Edwards about her inspiration for Despereaux, why she chose a mouse to be the hero in her novel, and how she came to choose the name for her hero.

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