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British-Iraq doctor sentenced in bomb plot

PH says the doctor had the perfect cover: he came to this country with a British passport which gave him freedom of movement and he also had cover as a doctor. Everyone expects good out of doctor but in reality he was planning to murder mass numbers, even with multiple attacks. (During the course of the trial, what did you learn about his motivations? His attempts were outside nightclubs.) His defense was his intentions were for these vehicles to give Britain a taste of fear and he argued this was to expose Britain and the U.S. to what those countries had done to Iraq. So his whole issue was Iraq. The security services believe this man was self-motivated but indeed inspired by Al Qaeda in Iraq. (So nothing exploded in the end.) Correct, he had the wrong mix of explosives and some loose wires, but it's thought if they had exploded there would've been wholesale carnage. (Did he address the dichotomy of the fact that he's a doctor but was trying to kill many lives?) Yes, he said he was motivated that all through his life he had lived through war. He said he was initially happy that Saddam Hussein was toppled but than began to despair at the continued state in Iraq.

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