(Quite a coup for this Egyptian company but they're not the first with this idea.) No, a Thai company was invited to come in in the 1990s and build a cell phone network and they did that and the government used that network. That network got shut down after a mysterious explosion and it's thought that a cell phone triggered that explosion. (This is interesting then that Kim Jong Il is allowing this Egyptian company to build a network. Who will have access to it?) It's hard to say. If you go by who has access to the internet, it'll be the military, government, and foreigners. There's no other news about who will have access or what kind of access. (Is it clear that the average person will have or even afford cell phone access?) No, not at all. North Korea is economically challenged and people would not be spending money on cell phones. Yet this Egyptian company does have a track record of building networks in tough places and being successful. They've managed to succeed and they're a huge company. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

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