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Holiday book ideas

(We're going to start with the Nobel Prize for Lit winner this year.) This is a book available now in paperback, the Prospector. This is a writer who has a big view of the world, he's traveled the world and learned lots of different languages. This is set in the islands off Africa and the book makes you feel like you're there in the late 1800s which is a pretty talented trick.) It's because he has a terrific eye for details. He loves the sea and describes all the life around that sea. (Next up is a book by a Portuguese writer called Death With Interruptions and the English translation came out in October. The premise is on the first day of the new year in an unnamed country, no one dies.) What would we do without deadlines? Now we found out�people have car accidents and they don't die. Suddenly what looks great becomes a problem�what will churches and morticians do? if the population keeps growing, how will we take care of everybody? (The third book is the Taunts of a Lemon by a Canadian writer. It takes place in India in the 1900s. who is this writer?) she's a debut novelist. This book is 600 pages and it appears there's an awful lot of research that went into the novel.

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