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Holiday books for kids

(So the first book is a new Madeline book. The first Madeline book came out in 1939 and now the creator's grandson brought up this new book. What did you think?) He's just as good of an artist his grandfather and like his grandfather he gets good rhymes. The writing is not quite as sharp but it doesn't matter because the plot is very quick. The Madeline artwork is so terrific and she's such a delightful girl always getting into trouble, so she has wide appeal. (The next book is also about a girl, Dell is a British writer and a political writer too. What did you like about this book?) The girl and her animal are always hatching plans and the story is told by pictures and postcards and my daughter laughed so much while reading it. you kind of have to piece it together and ti's fun to do that. (The last book is The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing. This is the second part in a two-volume series. Octavian is a slave but has a privileged background. What happens in Volume Two?) Octavian is looking for a way to be free and so this takes place during the Revolutionary Way. Octavian has a range of skills so he's going to make his way in Boston. I read this book with pure delight and you want to hear more of what Octavian has to say.

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