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Zimbabwe's downward spiral

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(When you hear that international leaders are calling on Mugabe to step down, what's your reaction?) Mugabe is not someone who listens, he's arrogant and he's not easily threatened by sanctions. (Why are other African leaders not demanding that Mugabe leave office?) Each and every leader has their own skeletons in their closets. A lot of African countries gained a lot from Mugabe so they feel they can't ask him to step down. (We know your country is in such dire straits. How has Mugabe's policies affected you and your family?) My life has been affected in the sense that I am not a free man, I'm not allowed to move wherever I feel. We've got ways of getting stories out and going places where we're not allowed to go. (In Zimbabwe, what happened to you?) When you're arrested you expect to be either beaten or killed. I covered a Zanu PF march and was beaten for that. (I wonder with conditions as they are, why do you continue to go back to Zimbabwe?) it's because of my passion for the country and for my profession. It pains me when I see things going unreported.

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