This data company has been hire for five years and the managing director admits there are some challenges. He says the education here is better relatively than the rest of the continent but their computing skills are lacking. They have to train potential employees and promise them better salaries if they stick with it. the business has struggled a bit and their workforce has dropped. Initial efforts to make it a call center was unsuccessful so now they primarily do data entry and transcription. Right now the company has four U.S. clients and it's hoping to add a British client. The director says he can't sell his business on costs because they're more expensive than their competitors so instead he has to make a pitch on quality and a company's consciousness. He says there was a need for someone to come into Africa and create jobs. He also says his company offers stability. His other, more personal reason�the job creation in Africa. If his company does well, he sees other companies coming in to create more jobs. The company's website describes Ghana as a diamond in the rough for outsourcing.

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