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Facebook protests in Croatia

TV says turnout was low: it was less than expected because they say on Facebook that they have 60,000 supporters. But there are just 2-3,000 people who are here now. (Explain how this happened. When did they start this group on Facebook and how closely has the government been watching and monitoring?) It happened one week ago when the Prime Minister announced that in 2009 because of the financial crisis, people can expect to tighten their belts. On Facebook, a few people started a group called You Tighten Your Belt You Bunch of Thieves. (What were they trying to accomplish?) They were trying to tell the political establishment to spend less and not ask people to spend less. At the beginning the government was worried and there were two arrests. (The Prime Minister has called for inquiry into the arrests and said no one should be detained for expressing an opinion. So how open and free is Croatia?) When people were first arrested he sort of supported it, but when he heard about how many supported the group, he said he was forced to denounce the arrests. People are not satisfied with the government though. (How popular is Facebook in Croatia?) This seems like just the beginning here, and police and the government have been surprised by this.

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