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Trouble for Knut

(What's the real reason Knut might have to move out?) It is just a matter of plain old cash. the zoo says it needs $11.5 million dollars, but this has been criticized greatly hear because Knut is really loved here and he brings in millions of Euros. He's the most profitable creature at the zoo, certainly the only polar bear that's been on the cover of Vanity Fair. During 2007, the zoo attracted a third more visitors than it had in 2006 and the zoo has earned an extra $9 million dollars in revenue. A lot of criticism has fallen upon the commissioner of the zoo. (You talked to people at the zoo and they really did come from all over the world. How's the campaign to raise funds to keep him there?) It's going quite well. There's a lot of celebrity support and they've attracted a lot of signatures out of support. (So what do you do with Knut if you can't keep him?) There are have been offers from all over the world to house him.

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