Leaders who love technology

(How did you go about finding your examples?) I do a weekly podcast and I put the question to my listeners. I got a lot of notes about Sarkozy in France who had a little Blackberry problem himself. Sarkozy got caught checking his email during an audience with the Pope of all things. Someone pointed out that a perk for being an MP in Italy is a free cell phone. Politicians are so concerned about privacy on their cell phones that there's now a special service they can download that helps encrypt all of their cell phone conversations and text messages. (The Obama campaign has won high marks for its use of technology during its campaign. Have these tactics been exported yet?) I had one podcast listener write in and say the South Korean has played a huge role in elections since 2002, earlier than Obama. But Obama's tech consultancy group has now set up an office in London, so they are expanding. (What are some other examples?) Well maybe the best one is the Dutch Foreign Minister who not only has his own twitter account but also answers questions that are sent to him. His followers really love this.

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