Rice visits India

(Why was Rice there and what did she say?) She was there to reach out and say the U.S. is with India and to urge Pakistan to act in bringing the perpetrators to justices. (What can she say though and what can Washington do to tamp down tensions between India and Pakistan?) The Indian government is under a lot of pressure, and the people of India and media are angry and talking about war with Pakistan, the Indian government has to do something. So it'll be tough for the U.S. to dampen those emotions. (So how is Rice's message of caution received?) It's not received well. But we'll have to see how this plays out. (You mentioned that 20087 has been a violent and difficult year in India. Tell us about the other attacks and whether they're suspected to have been perpetrated by groups from Pakistan?) The attacks we've seen across the country have all been claimed by an Indian based group, but the Indian government has no idea who they are and have linked the attacks to the Pakistani group which has claimed responsibility for the Mumbai attacks. But all of these attacks together has made people fed up. They want justice and the people are angry against the politicians.

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