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For today's Geo Quiz -- a game of Tejo anyone? Tejo is a game with roots in a central state of Colombia.

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We want you to name the place. That's no easy assignment -- there are 32 states or departments in the South American nation.

But the one we're looking for has several distinctions. It's nicknamed the "Land of Freedom" -- because it was the site of fierce battles during the fight for independence from Spain.

And it's nestled in the Andes of Colombia's Cordillera Oriental. And last but not least, it's home to Colombia's national sport. Tejo is nothing like cricket or soccer or baseball.

Think flying horseshoes that pop like firecrackers when they hit their mark. We'll explain how the game is played in just over a minute.

The rules and the name of this Colombian state that borders Venezuela are coming up...

The national sport of Colombia was a clue in our Geo Quiz today.

We're not talking about soccer or baseball -- even though Colombians are good at both.

We're talking about tejo.

It's a game that resembles a cross between horseshoes and a raucous Fourth of July party.

The World's Steven Dudley reports from the reputed birthplace of tejo, Colombia -- which is also the answer to our Geo Quiz today.