India and Pakistan tensions


Indian activists burn an effigy of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency. (Image: To the Point, Getty Images)

A handful of attackers killed more than 170 people in three days of bloody violence last week in Mumbai. Pakistan says it will help determine where the terrorists came from. Reports say India was warned twice but failed to keep up its guard.

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Fueled by angry media, the level of tension between India and Pakistan is back where it was in 2001, when the nuclear powers were on the brink of open warfare. Were the real targets recent efforts to reconcile historical differences and Barack Obama's strategy for combating terror?

- Anuj Chopra: South India Correspondent, "Christian Science Monitor"
- Ashutosh Varshney: Professor of Political Science, Brown University
- Najam Sethi: Editor, "Friday Times"
- Stephen Cohen: Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

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