Now to another city -- this one Haiti's capital -- Port-au-Prince. It's a poor though lively city. Many there survive on less than two dollars a day. Quite a few make their living at the downtown street market. It comes to life before the sun comes up. You can find just about anything at the market: produce, car parts ... even music. One man named Antoine is a walking juke-box of sorts. The 45-year-old vendor roams the market with his boom-box. Haiti: photo Ruxandra GuidiHaiti: photo Ruxandra Guidi He plays tunes for 20 cents a request. We end today's program with music from Antoine's playlist -- it's by the late reggae star Lucky Dube. Our story was produced by Ruxandra Guidi. She travelled to Haiti on a fellowship from the International Reporting Project at Johns Hopkins University.

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