Arab view of Middle East conflict

(Obama has said the Middle East peace process will be a diplomatic priority from day one. Is that a welcome specter for Palestinians?) No, he's not promising much and there are no indications that what he has to offer is anything different than the failed policies of his predecessors, particularly Clinton and Bush. (That's interesting because those presidents had very different policies. What more would you expect Obama to do?) I think in fairness to Bush he basically picked up where Clinton left off and I think Obama will do the same�keep negotiations going to the sake of keeping negotiations going, and not offering anything substantial or meaningful. (What would be the item on Day One which would signal they're serious about making peace?) If there is one thing that the incoming administration could do, it would be to cease Israeli settlement activity immediately. But I don't see that coming. What I expect is the administration, saddled with the economic financial crisis and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, will think the Middle East conflict can wait for a while.

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