(There remain these perceptions of India as a place of great spiritual values. Are those values still a vibrant part of India?) Very much so, Ghandi's values were first formed during a period of great violence, as one should remember. (Now some commentators have referred to these attacks as India's September 11th. Can you connect your feelings then with today?) Yes, they can be connected. I was in New York in September 11th. Watching the horror unfold in Mumbai has been equally traumatic. (What is your personal connection to Mumbai?) I sent many phone calls to my friends in Mumbai and miraculously all my friends escaped without injury. (You have written about India being a pluralist state. Any second thoughts about those words?) Not at all. India is a land where you can be many things and still an Indian. That's what India has been for over 3,000 years of history and that won't change because of the actions of some criminal elements. This is an assault on what holds Indian society together.

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