(A Greenlander told the BBC today that he supports a yes-vote because he doesn't want the country to be overrun by those who want our riches. What does that mean?) I think all Greenlanders want to feel they're master of their own house. The Greenlanders who have lived here for thousands of years say Greenland is their own territory. (Other than the nationalistic feeling, is there anything more specific behind this vote, such as the potential wealth from gas resources off the coast of Greenland?) The movements for more independence in Greenland is not connected to oil. It's just people who want to build their own society and country. A lot of it speaks to the pride of people who have been living here for thousands of years. (What are the feelings of Greenlanders towards Denmark?) There's no hostility, there's a lot mixed marriages and the such. But it's still two different peoples.

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