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Preparing for holiday travel


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Whether you're paying $125 to check your bag, or traveling in the high speed family lane, according to Scott McCartney, this year you’re traveling in a way you’ve never traveled before. The author of 'The Middle Seat' column in the "Wall Street Journal," he speaks with "The Takeaway" about why you might be able to bring your mouthwash in your carry-on sooner than you think, and how incoming president Barack Obama might address the airline industry.

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McCartney says there is relief for holiday travelers in terms of fares, but the extra fees are still there: "I think some people who don't travel frequently are going to head to the airport and be surprised that there really is a different travel world out there.

"If you want any kind of food on board, you pay for that. The baggage fees are the big thing -- most of the major airlines are charging $15 dollars each way to check one bag, $25 dollars each way to check two bags, so you show up at the airport with two bags and you're looking at another $80 dollars on top of your ticket."

There is good news though, in the form of reduced air traffic, and looser restrictions for liquids and other carry-ons.

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