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Dutch drug tourism

On this weekday, this town looks like any other quaint Dutch town. But the mayor of the town says evenings are different, and there are too many drug runners trying to get drugs to tourists. He says about 25,000 people a week come to the town just to buy marijuana. Pot is illegal in all of the neighboring countries, but the mayor says if their citizens are going to get high, they should do it at home. Personally he thinks other countries should not ban marijuana and rather Europe should legalize and moderate it. since that's not happening any time soon, the mayor plans to close the coffee shops that sell marijuana, and he thinks that'll send a message to tourists. Outside this coffee shop, he scoffs at the mayor's proposal and he thinks the mayor will regret closing down the only places where drug sales can be regulated. Dutch drug law is not completely tolerant and the coffee shops are only allowed to sell marijuana as long as they follow certain rules: small sales amounts, no minors�and this regular argues that will all be lost if the coffee shops are closed. This coffeeshop owner says he shares the mayor's goal of stemming illegal drug use, but he just wishes the mayor wouldn't close them down. National politicians aren't listening and say there will be no changes in soft drug laws for at least a year. Polls show a majority of Dutch voters like things just the way they are.

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