This park in Johannesburg is filled with Zimbabweans who have come here illegally. This 27 year old man left in March and left his two sons behind. He's heard stories of cholera outbreaks and it doesn't surprise him because the hygiene is bad and it's getting worse. Refusing to let Mugabe's snubs stop them, the statesmen spent the weekend scouring Johannesburg speaking to anyone and everyone about the situation in Zimbabwe. Carter told the press today about his take on the situation in Zimbabwe and said it's an indication that the crisis in Zimbabwe is much greater than what we had imagined. Nelson Mandela's wife used to be a welcome guest of Mugabe but now she's been refused entry twice in two months by a leader she accuses of neglect and indifference. Pressure is growing from other quarters as well: South Africa is now withholding millions in agricultural aid until a new unity government is formed. There's also news that cholera is now spreading into South Africa. Talks towards forming a power sharing government have been stalled for weeks because of indecision on who controls the military and certain ministries. But today pressure is mounting on the opposition to give way in the talks. This opposition leader knows that civilians are suffering but also doesn't want to give into Mugabe. This refugee in South Africa wants the international world to intervene and remove Mugabe by force, but that's unlikely to happen.

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