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Guant-namo detainees ordered released

(Who are the men who are to be released and how long have they been in Guant-namo?) They arrived in early 2002. these Algerians were among the men who were taken out of Europe, taken in Afghanistan, put into orange jump suits and flown from Bagram airbase and they were never charged with a crime. They were held on suspicions that they had links to a plot which was never realized to blow up the U.S. Embassy. This was the first sign for the Bush administration that the globe was the battlefield and you could take people from Europe to Afghanistan to Guant-namo and never charge them. (How significant is the ruling today?) the judge who did it had up until now for years argued the Bush administration had the right to hold enemy combatants, there was an executive power and judges didn't have to review it. The Supreme Court said look into their files and after this he said these detainees should be let go. (We've heard the Bosnian government has agreed to take these detainees back, but what does this mean for the rest of the detainees at Guant-namo?) there are 17 who are under charges by military commission and we know the Obama administration doesn't like that system. There are still a number of files that need to be dug through to figure out who can go where, who can be charged, and who will be set free and how. (Can the government appeal?) Yes, the U.S. government can appeal to a circuits court in D.C. but the government has also said it can no longer justify some of these original charges from 2002 so it'd be a hard appeal for them.

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