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Blackwater on pirate control

(Tell us about this ship that Blackwater has outfitted.) This is a former oceanographic research ship that Blackwater has turned around for pirate fighting. It's got landing pads for helicopters, docking bays for inflatable boats, and even facilities for hospital and medical facilities. (Can Blackwater do anything that other countries or private security companies are not now doing?) No, actually the idea of bringing in guns for hire for protection is an old idea. So this is idea is very much out there and is being pushed by the U.S. Navy, who has said this space off of East Africa is unprotectable by any navy. They've advised shipping companies to take on their own security. (The reputation that Blackwater has earned in Iraq, is that haunting it?) That concern about the private security industry generally will make people wary of using these firms on the high seas, but that same reputation could also help ward off the pirates.

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