(Why would a state governor host a meeting and call on world leaders to come?) The federal government has the right to sign treaties on things like climate change, but the U.S. Congress has chosen not to exercise this power when it comes to setting greenhouse gas limits. However in California, the state government has set many greenhouse gas limits on emissions, including a bill known as AP32 which aims to reduce greenhouse gases by 2020. (So who's there and what's on the agenda?) They're expecting about 1,000 people and some representatives from major polluting countries, like China, India, Indonesia, Brazil. They aren't national level representatives. However, Obama did speak over a satellite delivered speech. He talked about the upcoming conferences to evaluate the Kyoto Protocol. He delivered news that the international community has approved of. (I know there are some states signing agreements with countries. What's that about?) There have been some agreements between states and Indonesia and Brazil related to poultry policy. But there's only so much a state can do.

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