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Army website connects to soldiers in Iraq

A new feature on the website says those considering joining the Armed Forces can find out directly from the sources. This new recruiting campaign is called Straight from Iraq. The site is designed to teach about daily life on the ground from men and women on the ground there. The idea is to get direct information. When I tried it, the site didn't work as well as promised and the site itself is tough to find. Still it's a great idea says this recruiting analyst. Of course some soldiers on returning deployments to Iraq might not speak all that positively of their experiences. But that's a gamble the Army is apparently willing to take, and this analyst says that's a good idea. That said, Iraq is still a dangerous place. This man did two tours in Iraq and he thinks the new recruiting campaign is a good way to add transparency but he can think of an even better recruitment method: make sure servicemembers are taken care of while they're in the service so when they get out they'll be a voice of recruitment.

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