AS says Vance was ambushed by gunmen as he left home: armed men stopped him on the road and basically sprayed his car with bullets. We understand he died at the scene. (Peshawar is supposed to be a dangerous area. Why is that and what was Vance doing there?) It hasn't always been as dangerous as it's become in the last few months. It's at the egde of the tribal areas, there are a lot of groups fighting it out in this area, including bandits. Analysts are telling me this could be the beginning of the end of foreign aid in the area. (These days, the U.S. relies a great deal on Pakistan to help fight the war on terror and this area is pivotal for the war on terrorism and the war in Afghanistan. In the vein, several U.S. Army vehicles were apparently stolen today by the Taliban. What happened?) Peshawar is the biggest city near the border with Afghanistan, so it's where a lot of supplies are sent from. A group of bandits took a bunch of vehicles and huge amounts of supplies going in Afghanistan. The bandits paraded around their villages with the humvees. Eventually the trucks were given back without the supplies.

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