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Burmese protesters sentenced

(Who are these protesters that were sentenced and with what were they sentenced?) They were at the forefront of protests in 1988 and then they went into hiding and were eventually arrested and put into long prison sentences. They had been in prisons for 16 years at least and then were released five years ago. After that they managed to mobilize people again and that annoys the government. Last September when the whole nation stood up against the military regime again, they were arrested prior to the protests and thrown into prison and this is the first time they've been sentenced. (One 28 year old man was sentenced to 20 years in prison for posting a cartoon of the military leader. Now somebody like him, what did he do besides posting the cartoon?) There's an Electronic Law and by sending emails or even by visiting blocked sites, you can be arrested and charged. (What's the idea behind this Electronic Act?) The military regime tried to enforce a media blackout against the Buddhist monks, but media still got out. That worried the leaders and ever since then they've been clamping down against internet users even more. (Are the Burmese leaders susceptible to any international pressure?) I don't think the regime cares that much, but it does make some difference.

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