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Wave of attacks in Iraq

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AN says the multiple attacks have been a hallmark of the Sunni militants known as Al Qaeda in Iraq, and the aim could be to incite sectarian tensions: overall violence is down but there are still daily attacks. Baghdad is still a dangerous city. (Are there concerns that as U.S. forces are downsized, attacks will increase?) This is the big question, especially with the attack today. U.S. commanders will ask how this attack was possible to get through extensive checkpoints. It's incredible to see the extent of the checkpoints that exist along many of the main roads, manned by Iraqi Army, Police and the Awakening Councils. Collusion is suspected and therefore we come back to your question. At the moment, the lid is kept on things but there are still many splits which could lead to violence. (Do Iraqis talk about the aftermath of the U.S. election through the prism of when U.S. troops will leave Iraq?) Most Iraqis would like the Americans to go home but there are also many who are concerned if they go home too quickly, things could get worse again.

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