(You have been going across the country and talking to average Americans. How can you explain to us the skepticism in Pakistan towards this election?) All the suicide bombers and the unrest is bringing in more agony for the Pakistani people. The urban population used to be immune to this unrest but that's no longer true. (You don't know which areas are safe in Pakistan, but what do Pakistanis expect out of Obama to try and ensure more security among Pakistanis?) Bush has given us $12 billion dollars during his presidency and the only concern is there has been no question of what the Pakistani government and military is doing with that money. There's no oversight on the spending. And then after that, the U.S. questioned each and every move because there was no oversight. So Obama can enhance the good will by enhancing the hope extended for him. Our new governmentally elected government needs assurances and backing from Obama. The policies need to be clear about what's going to be done in Afghanistan also, and how that'll affect Pakistan, and how they're going to go about this.

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