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Al Green

Al Green is often referred to as the minister of L-O-V-E. You know, a couple of candles, a backrub, and Al Green on the stereo. In 1976, Al Green put all that behind him and became a real minister – the Reverend Al Green of the Full Gospel Tabernacle Church in Memphis, Tennessee. But now he's back to his R & B roots with a new album.

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He tells Steve Paulson, he's combined his two former selves in a new album, called "Lay It Down." He shares several excerpts from the new record, including the title track, "Lay It Down."

Green explains the title of his album: "Well, 'Lay It Down' ... which is the title of the album ... that's you're personal life. So my life says to me, 'Al, could you please stop telling people our personal business, on the CD ... that's between you and me.' And I'm going like, 'Honey, if you just be quiet, nobody will ever know."

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