(What's the latest you're hearing MB?) The two most interesting results: New Hampshire has gone to Obama even though McCain worked hard to win it, and then Pennsylvania is projected for Obama and McCain's campaign thought they needed to win that state. (Talk about the Latino vote.) Nevada was expected to be close for example and it has a large Hispanic population. One person watching and doing exit polling is AV. (MB: What are you seeing in exit polling?) One exit poll from Florida says Latinos are 13% of the state wide vote which is up from past years, and it appears they're favoring Obama whereas in the past that population has favored Republicans. (LM: we've heard your organization is operating a voter hotline and what insight has that provided you?) Our hotline is a resource for people so they can report problems in voting or inquire for information. It's non-partisan. (Have any problems been reported?) There have been problems reported by new voters, which is a significant portion of Hispanic population voting today. Also young people voting for the first time, so these people are not familiar with the voting process. (MB: There was a poll that came out today which showed 70%-plus of the Latino voters were going for Obama. Is that surprising?) Latinos have been following this election closely. We also know the tenor of the immigration debate has been a dirving force for the Latino electorate and Latino voters have been upset about how this issue has been treated and apparently agree with the Democrats' perspective more. Latinos have also considered the economy a primary issue, like much of the rest of the country.

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