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First-time immigrant voters

AA spoke with voters in an area of Harlem heavily populated with African immigrants: they say this is a change election, and they're stressing that they're voting for Obama because they believe in him not just because he's black. They also say the reaction back home will be a huge celebration. But they also know there are tons of expectations. (Have you seen other polling places where there's a strong immigrant population who are supporting McCain or anyone else?) Among the East European population, there are a lot of McCain supporters. (The people who say they believe in Obama, what do they say they believe in?) It's more about the idea of him that people are moved by. They want change, they want better immigration laws, but they're not articulating it in terms of specific policies or anything like that. (With these new voters, is this the first time they've been eligible to vote or the first time they've felt motivated to vote?) This is the first time they've been eligible to vote.

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