U.S. election system unique

(Does the U.S. have the longest campaign season?) Yes, most democracies run their campaigns in a few months, while we take up to two years, depending on when you want to start counting. (Compared to other democracies, turn out is very low as well. Why?) A large number of democracies have compulsory voting which inflates the numbers. (So what happens when you don't vote in those countries?) It depends, in Australia and Argentina there's a fine, but sometimes there's no penalty. But people feel compelled to vote. The other factor for America is we have a two-stage process: you have to register and then in most votes you have to go somewhere else to vote. (So in other democracies it's just easier to vote.) Yes, also other countries have their elections on holidays or Sundays, while we have ours on the first Tuesday in November. I think we're getting to the point where it's somewhat irrelevant due to early voting, even though the results of those early ballots aren't released early. (What about the electoral college?) Nobody else has that system, even though some emerging democracies have not adopted winner take all systems, they still have adopted a system that is often more democratic than ours.

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