Conflict & Justice

Crisis in eastern Congo

(What is your #1 mission for helping the quarter of a million people who've been displaced?) We're trying to locate people and we're trying to find them and see if we can provide medical care. At this moment the situation is still confusing, people have been running in different directions. (When you say things are confusing, give me an example.) There's continuous movement�people fled last week and have had to flee those camps and these are not even tents people are living in, they're makeshift shelters. (Who are they fleeing?) War violence, there are two warring parties fighting so civilians are fleeing the war, it doesn't matter which side. (The security situation has prevented a lot of aid from being delivered. How are you able to surmount that?) Our organization is trying to be very impartial and neutral in this conflict, and this gives us some space to operate. (What kind of aid are you providing?) At the moment we're working in clinics, mobile clinics, hospitals, and bringing shelter, blankets, food if necessary. Our specialty is medical care but we'll provide other essentials if no one else can, like water, but also shelter.

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