(What is the latest?) There's been no fighting around Goma today since the ceasefire was announced last night. Now Tutsi rebels are said to be just over 10 km north from Goma. (So it's a tense calm?) Yes, exactly and people are nervous since the government troops entered the town yesterday afternoon and started to loot houses and seizes cars. I saw several shops with broken windows and completely empty. (Are the U.N. peacekeepers visible in town?) Yes, they're patrolling with the Congolese police, even if they are 17,000 peacekeepers you have to remember that they're targeted from all sides by the Congolese soldiers, the Tutsi rebels, and even neighboring forces. So the U.N. forces are struggling to impose the ceasefire. (They're talk of this conflict sparking regional war. Is that a likely scenario?) Tension has increased in the region and there's a potential for neighboring forces to be dragged in.

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