(Where are you?) I'm in southern England. (Right now you're in a land rover, not on horseback?) Yes, I got drenched yesterday so today I'm in the car. (Why do they want you to do the job on horseback?) I like to be different and I like that we can use a horse. There's no way we'd be able to do this solely in a car. (You're a nurse by training?) Yes, I was a nurse for three years. But then I decided to do this and I've done farming most of my life. Cows are good. (Did you already know how to ride?) Yes, I've been riding since I was a child. (Are you worried the job will get boring?) No, I enjoy my company anyway. I take pride in what I do. (Any great experiences so far in your job?) The army were down here locating old bombs from World War II, and I was just taking out my new horse and just as we get off, the army lets out this huge bomb. But the horse didn't jump at all, meanwhile I was out of my skin.

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