For today's Geo Quiz -- we're searching for an island where young orangutans can get a little frisky up in the trees. We're searching for one of the last remaining orangutan habitats in the world. It's on the largest and the northernmost island in the Indonesian archipelago. OrangutanOrangutan Orangutans are the largest tree dwelling mammal. They like lush tropical forests where they can stretch out their long arms...and swing from branch to they search for fruits and leaves to eat. Sometimes they just hang upside down for awhile. So whichever way you choose to look at a map, upside down or right side up. Try to spot the island we're looking for. It's the 6th largest island in the world. We'll pay a visit to a wildlife sanctuary there and hear more about the endangered orangutans here... Now... about that island we asked you about in the Indonesian archipelago that's home to Orangutans. The answer to today's Geo Quiz is the Indonesian island of Sumatra. SumatraSumatra Correspondent Anna Sussman reports that the rush for environmentally friendly fuel there is having a devastating effect on the island's endangered primates.

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