(Why are there so many undecided Chinese American voters?) This election started off as a rift between the younger generation, who overwhelmingly supported Obama, and the older generation of basically die hard Hillary Clinton fans. The younger generation is making huge efforts to convert their parents to Obama. (And what is said in those conversations?) Many older gen voters, even though they're Democrats, they don't know much about Obama. The young Chinese Democrats are so adamant about Obama, so they're pushing their parents to reconsider their viewpoints. (What kind of people are these parents usually?) Well take this family�the father is an immigrant voter, but educated, works in the computer industry. He said his high school age son is a window through which he looks at American politics. He says we're not 100% assimilated into America and American politics. He says there are many things he hopes to learn from young Americans, and his son is the young American he knows best. (What about McCain, why don't more Chinese Americans support him?) Well they do, and many undecided voters are still waiting for McCain to do something that will count the final vote for him. In this community, they revere his experience which comes from his age, but they still worry a bit. I talked to one family, and the son has always supported Obama. His father supports McCain, and has always been a Republican. When the son talks with his father, he brings up the issue of McCain's age. (So what happened with this family?) the son ended up persuading the father to vote for Obama. (Is race a factor for older Chinese American voters?) not just for the older ones. Nevertheless, many Chinese American voters have decided not to vote for Obama, and that speaks for itself. So race is and isn't an issue�it's more of a generational issue.

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